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Geo-Integrity-Atmospherics.  We are located in the Mid Hudson Valley and provide a wide range of UAV (Drone) services. We have a fleet of drones to achieve specific outcomes tailored to your needs.  Our focus is to work closely with our clients and send high quality deliverables. 

Our basic services include: Cinematic, Thermal, 2D & 3D Mapping

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Description - Aerial Photogrammetry involves taking many photos of an object or area from different angles, which are then turned into an accurate 3D model that can be manipulated using special software. Aerial Orthophotography uses drones to take pictures that are stitched together into one large high-resolution master image. Our drones and software allow us to create geospatially accurate images, and models.

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Captures expansive areas in clear detail.

  • Photogrammetry: Creates intricate 3D maps by combining images rather than relying on single focal points.

  • Rich Data Capture: Gathers textural, morphological, and color data for each map coordinate.

  • Accurate 3D Reconstruction: Offers high-fidelity three-dimensional visualization of examined regions.

  • Broad Area Documentation: Efficiently collects data from vast terrains and multiple angles.

  • Close-Up Inspection Ability: Allows for detailed visual assessments from near proximities, suitable for various inspection types.

Land Conservation Monitoring for LTA Affiliated Land Trusts & Conservation Groups:

  • Boundary Mapping: Offer KML and KMZ format mapping for precise boundary delineation.

  • Grid Flyovers: Perform grid flyovers of large parcels of lands to identify features that ground-based inspection cannot achieve.

  • Software Integration: Work closely with clients to integrate data into Drone Deploy and Esri ArcGIS systems.

  • Encroachment Detection: Locate encroachments and instances of ATV trespassing to ensure land protection.

  • Resolving Encroachment Issues: Assist in addressing and creatively resolving land encroachment disputes.

  • Orthophotographic Mapping: Create detailed maps using orthophotographic imagery tailored to specific land acreages, both large and small.

  • Reclamation Projects: Provide before-and-after imagery for projects such as dam removals and other reclamation activities.

  • Pre-Acquisition Inspections: Thoroughly inspect properties before they are acquired to identify potential issues or concerns.

  • Post-Acquisition Monitoring: Perform flights after land acquisition to identify any changes or points of interest.

  • Facilitate Land Transfers: Serve as a vital tool in brokering land transfers, fostering respectful relationships between buyers and sellers.

  • Can assess storm damage, including tree blow downs and damage to park and preserve trails and infrastructure.

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Wildlife Management and Observation:

  • White-tailed Deer Count: Thermal Drones play a crucial role in wildlife population monitoring by conducting accurate white-tailed deer counts over vast acreages, particularly when foliage is minimal. This eliminates the need for traditional pellet counts, providing more efficient and reliable data for wildlife management decisions.

  • Plant Health Monitoring: Drones are equipped to assess plant health with precision, a critical task in combating threats such as the spotted lanternfly that damages vegetation. By employing advanced imaging techniques, drones can detect subtle changes in plant conditions, allowing early intervention to protect ecosystems.

  • Sensitive Habitat Inspection: Drones contribute to preserving delicate habitats by enabling remote inspections. With the ability to magnify up to 54 times, drones offer a non-intrusive method to study sensitive areas without disturbing wildlife. This minimizes human impact and enhances conservation efforts by providing detailed observations from a safe distance.


Cell Tower Inspections:

  • Reduced Risks: Minimizes dangers faced by human inspectors.

  • Time-Efficient: Shifts inspection time from weeks to mere hours.

  • Overcome Scheduling Conflicts: Averts delays caused by planning and travel.

  • Cost-Effective: Lessens labor and resource costs associated with manual inspections.

  • Enhanced Safety: Drones operate securely from the ground, removing the need for risky climbs.

  • Specific Visual Component Inspection: Assesses key tower components including:

    • Transceivers

    • Digital signal processors

    • Control electronics

    • Primary and backup electrical power

    • GPS receivers

  • Data Collection: Accumulates historical data crucial for analysis and future planning.

  • Rapid Data Transfer: Swift relaying of data to tower companies for quick decision-making.

  • Quality Control: Identifies often overlooked components and potential defects, like loose bolts and rust.

  • Comprehensive Perspective: Offers aerial views that reveal hidden issues and potential hazards.

  • Vegetation and Hazard Detection: Pinpoints encroaching vegetation and other safety concerns.


Solar Panel Inspections

  • Swift Inspections: Our drones cover vast areas quickly, substantially reducing labor and inspection times.

  • Safety Enhancement: Drones minimize risks associated with manual inspections, providing a safer alternative.

  • Cost-Effective & Safe: Reduce expenses and eliminate risks tied to manual climbs.

  • High-Resolution Imaging & Thermal Imaging: Drones are equipped with cameras that can identify invisible damages that cannot be detected by maintenance crews alone. They can also detect accumulated dirt, preventing potential issues.

  • Thermal Imaging: Our drones can accurately read temperature differentials, highlighting under-performing panels and pinpointing exact repair needs.

  • Detect Defective Components: Swiftly pinpoint problematic or failing components, ensuring quicker repairs.

  • Precision in Data Collection: Ensure consistent tracking with our precise data gathering tools, leading to more accurate diagnostics.

  • Real-Time Insights: Data relayed immediately for swift decision-making and action, ensuring issues are addressed promptly.

  • Digital Record Production: Streamline analysis and planning with saved data, enhance efficiency in operations, and facilitate smoother warranty claims.

  • Thorough Quality Checks: Our drones meticulously scrutinize even the often overlooked components, ensuring comprehensive inspections.

  • Comprehensive Views: Aerial perspectives reveal issues that might remain unseen from the ground.

  • Environmental Awareness: Our drones identify encroaching vegetation or potential external hazards, contributing to the longevity and safety of solar panels.

  • Optimized Solar Panel Management: Ensure timely maintenance and maximize energy production, leading to improved system longevity and ROI.

Real Estate

  • State-of-the-Art Drones: Produce high-quality videos and still images for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

  • Video Editing with Sound or Music: Elevate your property showcase with professional video edits complemented by captivating soundtracks.

  • Preview Capabilities: Allows stakeholders to view these properties in unparalleled detail before a physical tour.

  • Unique Perspectives: Captures distinct angles, especially beneficial for intricate industrial spaces, commercial establishments, and residential interiors.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Not only highlights concealed or elevated features but also beautifully showcases expansive properties, from factories to estates.

  • Increased Sales Speed: Properties and spaces showcased with our drone footage/images sell or get occupied approximately 80% faster.

  • Immersive Experience: Offers an engaging virtual tour, enhancing the appeal and understanding of spaces, regardless of their use.

  • Roof, lightning rod, gutter, flashing inspections and general building integrity



  • 3D Modeling Drones: Enables detailed study of Earthworks, volumes, and observations beneficial to contract fulfillment.

  • Comprehensive Data from Drone Images: Generates point cloud, and object files with thousands of points containing geospatial (X, Y, Z) and color information.

  • Accurate Measurements with Photogrammetry Software: Offers precise volume measurements.

  • Cut/Fill Analysis: Provides accurate cut and fill measurements for efficient earthwork planning and verification.

  • Perimeter Check: Ensures a secure perimeter around the jobsite, safeguarding against unauthorized access or potential hazards.

  • Time Lapse Photography: Documents and tracks job progression over time.

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Search and Rescue:

  • Community Commitment: Will donate time locally to aid first responders.

  • Finding Lost Individuals: Deploys drones to quickly search for missing persons.

  • Animal Rescue: Utilizes drones to locate and assist in the rescue of lost or stranded animals.

  • Waterway Surveys: If requested, can survey areas of lakes, waterways, and the Hudson River.

  • Critical Rescue Assistance: Offers aerial support in various urgent rescue situations.

  • Dedication to Coordination: Committed to working within the framework of the Incident Command System.

  • Respectful Collaboration: Ensures deference and cooperation under established emergency structures.

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  • Stability/Movement: Our drones are designed for both stability and mobility, utilizing computer-stabilized flight systems and camera gimbals to deliver steady footage even in motion.

  • Quality: Our drone cameras are equipped to capture images at resolutions up to 5K. Additionally, they can record videos at frame rates up to 60 fps, ensuring clarity and smoothness in playback.

  • Artistic Flexibility: Our drones offer a range of shooting possibilities, from wide aerial views to detailed close-ups with a telephoto lens, allowing for varied visual storytelling.

  • Precision AI Tracking: Our drones come with advanced AI tracking features, capable of maintaining focus on moving subjects, ensuring consistent and Focused footage.

  • Programmable Rail Shots: Drones can be flexibly programmed to repeat the same camera, and flight paths to replicate the effects of a tracking dolly shot.

  • Accurate Color: The camera can shoot in a color profile that allows for more color detail to be retained for post production color correction.

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